Shopper vows to boycott Grantham store after being hit with parking fine

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A customer has vowed to never shop at Grantham’s B&Q store again after being hit with a £100 parking fine in its virtually empty car park.

Melanie Asquith, 61, admits she broke the rules in parking her Renault van over the bay line – but questions the need for slapping on the fine when there were dozens of spaces remaining in front of the London Road store.

Having recently undergone a hysterectomy and unable to carry heavy items, Mrs Asquith chose a space close to the store entrance. But overgrowing plants meant she parked over the bay line.

Not a word was uttered by a staff member who loaded her items into the van, adding to her frustration when she returned to the van 10 minutes later and discovered a parking ticket had been left on the windscreen.

Mrs Asquith, from Allington, said: “I just couldn’t believe it. I’m not denying I was over the line by about a foot but the reason was the first bay had plants hanging over into it.

“And the car park was empty!

“I shall never, ever shop there again.”

On explaining the fine to her husband, he “had a fit” and called the store manager immediately, who said he would look into it, said Mrs Asquith. He has heard nothing back.

Keen to help other shoppers avoid the £100 fine she received, she has taken to Facebook to warn people.

Mrs Asquith said: “I think the general public needs to now about it. I’m sure there are signs up in the car park, but when you don’t have to pay you don’t look for them.”

B&Q was unable to provide a comment before the Journal went to press yesterday (Thursday).