Should new Grantham link road be called ‘Lady Thatcher Way’?

Lady Thatcher Way sign
Lady Thatcher Way sign
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A Grantham councillor has put forward the idea to call the new southern quadrant link road ‘Lady Thatcher Way’.

County and district councillor Ray Wootten says not enough recognition of the former Grantham-born Prime Minister, who died in 2013, is shown in her home town.

Ray Wootten with the letter from Germany.

Ray Wootten with the letter from Germany.

Coun Wootten added: “There is a Brian Clough Way between Nottingham and Derby. I think this would be a fitting tribute to Margaret Thatcher.”

Work on the link road, between Spittlegate Level and Somerby Hill, could start as soon as March this year.

Helen Goral, chairman of Grantham Museum which is leading a fund-raising campaign for a Lady Thatcher statue, said: “My view is that it’s a nice idea, however I’d like Grantham to concentrate on providing a more educational and informative legacy by building on what the museum are doing.”

She said that fundraising for the statue is still ongoing, and that they were looking to start actively fundraising again in earnest towards the middle of this year in the hope they can get the project started as soon as possible. She added: “We are well on the way to raising the funds, however we do still need more.”

It is hoped to raise £200,000 to be shared between the statue and improvements to the museum.

Coun Wootten (pictured above) recently received a letter from 13-year-old German schoolboy Luca Siepmann in which he says he cannot believe there is no statue to Lady Thatcher in the town. Writing in English, Luca says he read an interview with Coun Wootten in the German national newspaper Der Spiegel which was published a few years ago.

In his letter Luca says: “I send all my best wishes to you and I hope that when I visit Grantham, maybe next year, I can see a town proud of its most famous citizen.”

Luca goes on to say: “I really support your case for more recognition for Maggie in her home town, whether it should be in the town museum, with a statue or whatever possible.”

Coun Wootten said: “It’s good to know that people abroad are very much aware of Grantham and an important figure like Margaret Thatcher who has made such a big impact on history. I will be replying to Luca and enclosing a small gift.”

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