Show your support for your centre at 4pm tomorrow!

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THE fight is on to keep a community centre going on Grantham’s Earlesfield estate - but campaigners need YOU to stand up and be counted.

The Earlesfield Community Centre, in Trent Road, closed before Christmas as debts spiralled out of control and its use ebbed away to next to nothing.

Last Friday, a public meeting was held by a group of people committed to turning things around and reopening the centre.

In order to make it a success, families on the estate must use it - so the Journal is urging people on the estate to be at the centre at 4pm tomorrow (Wednesday). Journal photographer Toby Roberts will capture the strength of feeling from families in a bid to show how much the Earlesfield community needs and wants the centre.

Pc Steve Cummings is one of the dedicated few working tirelessly to get the community centre open once more.

He said: “I’ll be drumming up support for Wednesday and I hope lots of people turn out.”

Sandra Mullen MBE is urging people to use the centre and help make it a success.

She said: “People say they want the community centre but they don’t use it. Where are they? We need their help now. It’s there for everybody to use.”

The wish to reopen the centre was a unanimous one of those who attended the public meeting at Strikers Bar at the South Kesteven Football Stadium.

But controversy surrounded the plan to change its name to the Grantham West Community Centre.

Anne Clark told the meeting: “We should be proud to call it Earlesfield. It would be such a shame to lose it.”

But Pc Cummings argued: “We’ve suggested a name change to help the centre. That’s the only reason we’ve done it.”

An extraordinary meeting will soon be held to form a committee and to begin work to reopen the centre.

l Be at the community centre at 4pm tomorrow to show your support. We’ll see you there!