Silver wedding couple ask loved ones to donate to Grantham Hospice

Gail Renshaw and Judy McLaughlin
Gail Renshaw and Judy McLaughlin
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So thankful is Gail Renshaw for the help given to her by Grantham Hospice, she asked friends and family to make donations rather than buy gifts as she and husband Andrew renewed their vows.

Gail and Andrew decided their 25th wedding anniversary was the perfect opportunity to tie the knot again, and they did so at St Peter’s Church in Ropsley.

And as many of the friends she has made at Grantham Hospice were unable to attend, Gail then put on a party at the Barrowby Road hospice to share the special occasion with them.

Gail, 45, of St Anne’s Street, Grantham, said: “I wanted a party for the staff and the patients that couldn’t get to the reception. It was a chance to thank the staff for all they’ve done.”

Gail was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which she successfully beat. However, the ‘waste’ from the cancer affecte dher brain and left her with paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration, limiting her mobility and balance.

It is a condition that cannot be cured, and she now relies heavily on family and friends to get about.

After going through all this, Gail and Andrew, 47, wanted to renew their vows to celebrate a new chapter in their lives. After the church ceremony, a reception was held in the Guildhall ballroom, with Gail resplendent in a red dress.

The pair decided to ask loved ones for donations for the hospice because it has given Gail a new lease of life. And they managed to raise an impressive £725.

She said: “I wanted to give something back. I wanted to raise as much as we could because everything they do is paid for by donations.

“Coming here made me better. I had physio, we do crafts...I made a lot of new friends here.”

The couple have a son, Anthony, 15, and an 18-year-old daughter, Precilla.