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SKDC ELECTIONS: Conservatives take first seats in Grantham then Labour take Earlesfield

Perhaps tonight might not be so bad for the ruling Conservatives after all.

Just prior to the first result being announced, Coun Martin Hill, leader of Lincolnshire County Council said he too expected losses of around ten.

After the first batch of results came in, he later commented how the vote was holding up to 2015 levels.

The first two wards to declare were retained by the Conservatives with healthy majorities.

John and Kate Cottier (9563944)
John and Kate Cottier (9563944)

In Grantham Barrowby Gate, Mark Whittington, who has his own accountancy business, topped the poll with 607 votes, followed by fellow Conservative John Cottier, who gained 571.

Labour trailed with John Wacey gaining 285 and Stephen Backhouse 255.

Mr Whittington, who has his own accountancy company, is a sitting Lincolnshire County Councillor for Grantham Barrowby and this is is first attempt for a district seat.ellow

He said: "Obviosuly I am pleased to have won. It's been a lot of hard work with my running mate. We want to thank our Labour opponents for a fair campaign. There was no trouble. It was a good happy campaign. I am looking forward to the next four years and delivering our promises."

Fellow Conservative John Cottier said it was "great, fabulous" to be elected.

Louise Clack and Lee Steptoe (9564081)
Louise Clack and Lee Steptoe (9564081)

He continued: "It was a lot of hard work. I think we did very well. We are very pleased with the result."

John's wife Kate paid tribute to her husband who has been a carer for herself and their disabled son for the past ten years.

She said: "I'm very proud of him. I will stand by him so people haven't got one but two."

Next came Grantham Earlesfield, where Labour took heart in fighting off UKIP, who took one of its two seats in 2015.

Self-employed mum-of-two, Louise Clack, topped the poll with 367, followed by Lee Steptoe who took 298.

Lee Steptoe said: "It was a very hard fight. We are very pleased. We had to fight a real against UKIP. Obviously the political atmosphere nationally is very volatile with the country not Brexiting. We knew we had to beat UKIP."

Louise Clack said: "We really wanted to keep UKIP out. Earlesfield is a really diverse ward.2

Lee Steptoe added: "It's a message of hope rather than division."

Then, the results came in thick and fast.

x (9561428)
x (9561428)

Grantham Arnoldfield

Peter Davies (Lab) 232

Helen Goral (Con) 655

Arron Hogg (Lab) 225

Dean Ward (Lab) 612

Helen Goral and Dean Ward were re-elected.

Grantham St Wulframs

Anne Gayfer (Green) 266

Wayne Hasnip (Lab) 198

Ian Simmons (Green) 280

Jacky Smith (Con) 628

Carole Thompson (Lab) 204

Ray Wootten (Con) 720

Jacky Smith and Ray Wootten were re-elected.

Grantham St Wulframs

More results to follow:

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