SKDC has made Grantham a grid-locked ghost town

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Congratulations SKDC: yet again another ill-thought-out decision to grab more money from the taxpayer.

I refer to the proposal to charge £25 a year (for now) to collect the green bins. Who in God’s name is running this shower?

The countryside is awash with fly-tipping which we have to pay to be cleared up, and now they want to add to it!

To insult our intelligence by saying it is to save council tax increases really takes the biscuit.

There seems to be no end to the way they dream up ways of grabbing our cash. It’s a pity they are not so inventive when it comes to saving what was once a prosperous market town and has now become a grid-locked ghost town.

When this stupid idea gets the go ahead - which it no doubt will - they will want more money to pay for collecting extra fly-tipping.

If you as a council tax payer love the countryside, go out and enjoy it NOW because within months it will be knee-deep in lawn cuttings, hedge trimmings and rotting vegetation.

We were actively encouraged to buy a green bin - are we going to be reimbursed when we return it?

David Wallis