Slideshow: Dancers take it away at the Colsterworth Festival of Performing Arts

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It has been another successful year for the Colsterworth Festival of Performing Arts, now in its 17th year.

The festival celebrates dance, music and drama, with individuals and groups taking part to showcase their talents.

Watch this video

Watch this video

It began on February 14 with dance contests taking place at the Charles Read Academy in Corby Glen. Schools day followed on February 28 at The Meres in Grantham, then music in Colsterworth and drama in Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth on March 1.

Julia Kerby is festival chairman, and she hailed it an “amazing” event.

She added: “Five days of dance were full to capacity with an excellent standard throughout all the discilplines. Dancers were praised by our adjudicator Madeleine Shea, who also praised the dance teachers on their innovative choreography and on the organisation of the event.

“Thanks to all our committee members and team of volunteers who worked tirelessly throughout, our many sponsors and Charles Read Academy.”

Results, dance: Character - Novice, Abigail Bentman; Character - Open, Niamh Eagles; Song and Dance, Jodi West; Cabaret Trio, Ella Batchelor; Song and Dance - Open, Cara Bostock; Modern - Open, Betsymae Kirkland-Ball; Tap - Open, Alice Thompson; Classical Trio Intermediate, Natalie Ward, Jasmine Melbourne and Tiegan Woods; Song and Dance - Open, Tierney Campbell; Tap - Novice, Abby Simpson; Baby Cabaret, Felicity Holman; Acrobatic - Open, Chloe Hull; Ballet - Open, Tierney Campbell; Baby Cabaret (Song & Dance), Felicity Holman; Lyrical - Open, Georgina Thorpe; Tap - Open, Mia Loydall; Cabaret Duet (Song & Dance) Junior, Jasmine Feng and Leonardo Feng; Ballet - Novice, Abi Chambers; Cabaret Group Senior, De Burnays; Modern - Open, Neve McGuinness Dyce; Classical Group Intermediate, The Dance Studio; Lyrical - Open, Amie Donovan; Cabaret Group Adult, De Burnays; Modern - Novice, Isabella Atkinson; Cabaret Trio Intermediate, Neve McGuinness Dyce, Cassiebelle Rose and Chloe McCaffrey; Song and Dance - Open, Lauren Stanley; Cabaret Trio (Song & Dance) Intermediate, Cara Bostock, Grace Cunningham and Lauren Bostock; Character - Open, Charley Povey; Lyrical - Novice, Olivia Mccaffrey; Tap - Open, Tierney Campbell; Lyrical - Open, Emily Pearce; Song and Dance - Open, Ella Coleman; Baby Classical Baby, Ellie Earnshaw; Cabaret Trio (Song & Dance) Junior, Lauren Bostock, Isabel Allsopp and Beth Boryszczuk; Classical Duet Senior, Betsymae Kirkland-Ball and Georgia Matthews; Ballet - Novice, Ellie Gascoine; Cabaret Trio Junior, Gracie-Lou Brooks, Olivia Prenga and Poppy Ainley; Song and Dance - Novice, Abigail Bentman; Ballet - Open, Chloe Hull; Tap - Open, Rosie Dorsett; Acrobatic - Open, Betsymae Kirkland-Ball; Lyrical - Novice, Isabella Atkinson; Tap - Novice, Lily Phillips; Song and Dance - Novice, Sophie Astill; Lyrical - Open, Lizzie Emery; Modern - Open, Serena Newell; Song and Dance - Open, Lizzie Emery; Cabaret Duet Junior, Daniel Blake and Mackenzie Dandy; Cabaret Group Intermediate, The Dance Studio; Song and Dance - Open, Christie Burgoyne; Cabaret Trio Senior, Emily Cobon, Maddie Unsworth and Betsymae Kirkland-Ball; Character - Open, Ella Batchelor; Ballet - Novice, Laurena Kumar-Lee; Modern - Novice, Rhea Reid; Character - Novice, Alisha Skevington; Classical Trio Intermediate, Mae Batchelor, Tierney Campbell and Serena Newell; Lyrical - Open, Thea Perry; Cabaret Duet Intermediate,Tiegan Woods and Natalie Ward; Ballet - Open, Thea Perry; Lyrical - Novice, Lily Phillips; Modern - Novice, Laurena Kumar-Lee; Ballet - Open, Erin Cassidy; Character - Open, Tierney Campbell; Tap - Open, Tanisha Soulsby-Wood; Classical Duet Junior, Thea Perry and Pippa Boaden; Character - Open, Chloe Hull; Lyrical - Novice, Hannah Edmondson; Modern - Open, Thea Perry A Modern Cup; Classical Trio Senior, Georgia Matthews, Georgia Parker-Cullen and Emily Cobon; Cabaret Group Junior, First Stage Dance and Theatre Academy; Classical Duet Intermediate, Olivia Turki and Mia Loydall; Ballet - Novice, Holly Coyle; Lyrical - Open, Lucy Astill; Cabaret Duet (Song & Dance) Intermediate, Cara Bostock and Lauren Bostock; Cabaret Duet Senior, Betsymae Kirkland-Ball and Helena Thorpe; Classical Trio Junior, Heidi Fletcher Smith, Niamh Spencer and Isabella Lacovara; Cabaret Duet (Song & Dance) Intermediate, Tierney Campbell and Rosie Dorsett; Acrobatic - Novice, Jemma Housego; Tap - Open, Gigi Granger; Modern - Novice, Alisha Skevington; Cabaret Trio (Song & Dance) Intermediate, Tierney Campbell, Mae Batchelor and Serena Newell; Character - Novice, Jessica Gilbert; Acrobatic - Open, Evie Williams; Classical Group Senior, De Burnays; Character - Novice, Keesha Ramkelawon; Tap - Novice, Ciara Boyle; Tap - Novice, Kacey Gregory; Classical Group Intermediate, First Stage Dance and Theatre Academy; Acrobatic - Open, Levi Scothern; Cabaret Duet Intermediate, Olivia Turki and Mia Loydall; Classical Group Junior, First Stage Dance and Theatre Academy; Modern - Open, Cara Bostock; Ballet - Open, Emily Aldous-Johnson; Acrobatic - Novice, Aimee Clements; Classical Duet Intermediate, Alice Thompson and Ella Batchelor; Modern - Open, Erin Cassidy; Ballet - Open, Tiegan Woods; £100 bursary award, Lizzie Emery; Cabaret Group Intermediate, De Burnays.