Slideshow: Festivities mark 90 years of Grantham park

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Organisers have hailed celebrations to mark the 90th anniversary of Wyndham Park a success.

The Wyndham Park Forum put on activities designed to conjure up the 1920s when the park was first opened. The forum arranged an array of craft stalls and attractions which included a Victorian roundabout, swing boats and skittles, as well as a more modern pursuits such as a climbing wall and penalty shoot-outs on Sunday.

Wyndham Park 90th anniversary celebrations. Photo: Lisa Louise Keen

Wyndham Park 90th anniversary celebrations. Photo: Lisa Louise Keen

Visitors were entertained by the Uptown Strutters Jazz band and queues soon formed for the special lunch menu being served at the Old Pavilion Tea Rooms.

Betty Elmer told stories in the park including her own, The Mighty Chestnut Tree, which tells part of the tale of Wyndham Park.

In the black and white shelter, the early years of the park were recalled by an exhibition of text and photographs.

Forum secretary Elizabeth Bowskill said: “This event was designed to be a celebration of Wyndham Park and its facilities over the last 90 years. The intention was to remind people about the wonderful facility. With all the beautiful craft stalls, with delightful gifts on offer, there was plenty to look at and plenty to do for children of all ages.

“The park was busy with many people simply coming to use the paddling pool or playground as they do every week, to walk through on their way to town, but also to come and join in the celebrations, marking this milestone in the history of Wyndham Park.”