Slideshow: Youngsters create their own river of poppies to mark Remembrance Day

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A river of poppies has been created by pupils of an infant school in Grantham, inspired by the memorial at the Tower of London.

The project at Little Gonerby Infant School was a whole school project, using a section of the school field to make their very own memorial to those who fought and died in the First World War.

River of poppies, Little Gonerby Infant School, Grantham

River of poppies, Little Gonerby Infant School, Grantham

Headteacher Helen Hilton said: “It is so important that future generations understand the significance of Remembrance Day, and the staff felt this year especially that we should mark the occasion with extra curriculum time and events.

“The Year 2 pupils have spent two weeks on a project all about Remembrance, culminating in presentations to the rest of the school and to parents. Watching the children make and plant the poppies with such respect and care was a moving experience and I am very proud of all the children.”

During the project, six-year-old pupil Lexi wrote a poem, entitled ‘Scarlet Poppies’. It read:

‘Poppies are like the scarlet sunset in the night

And the red blood of soldiers saying ‘do not forget me’.

Poppies fly next to the orange sunset.

They float around long lost Flanders Fields and all around my mind.

Lovely poppies glowing in the darkness and blowing in the day.’