Snow and ice bring ‘chaos’ to services in Grantham

Snow plough in the car park at the rear of B&M Bargains in Grantham. Photo: 901C
Snow plough in the car park at the rear of B&M Bargains in Grantham. Photo: 901C
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While many were enjoying the fun a snow day brings, the cold snap this week brought chaos to a number of schools, businesses and services.

Many schools closed, with village schools the worst affected. A number of primary schools closed on Monday over safety concerns, although the majority of schools in Grantham opened as normal. It was business as usual on Tuesday for most schools in the area.

South Kesteven District Council came under fire for choosing to leave refuse collections due on Monday and Tuesday until their next date in a fortnight. A spokesman said the council will not catch up on those collections as lessons had been learned during previous periods of snowy weather. She said it was “chaos” as many residents did not know their waste would be collected on a different day, plus sending out bin men to collect little waste was costly. She added: “We did try it before and it just didn’t work.”

Residents were advised to collect their entitlement of two pink bags for extra waste. But Kirsty Arthur, 38, of Goodliff Road in Grantham, said that is not good enough.

She said: “We are a family of five so we have a lot of waste, but it’s not just that. There’s a lot of older people about and they expect them to go and get pink bags when the council can’t get out to get the rubbish.

“We pay all this council tax and don’t get the bins emptied.”

Lincolnshire Police reported an increase in calls to incidents involving snow and ice. Spokesman James Newall said: “We did see an increase in the volume of incidents around road traffic collisions and anti-social behaviour involving snowball throwing, as we always do in wintry weather, but we have had ample staff to cope.”

Paramedics came under immense strain as the demand on resources soared. The East Midlands Ambulance Service reported a surge of calls between Thursday and Sunday, recording 900 more than during the same period last year. Of the 6,335 calls the 999 service received, 1,118 related to falls and 140 to road traffic incidents.

More than 1,000 calls received since Thursday were for conditions where people could have received help from other NHS services such as NHS Direct or an out-of-hours GP service.

The majority of bus services in the town centre continued to run, although Kimes services from the town to Aslackby and to Stamford were cancelled on Monday. There were some short delays on rail services.