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Soaring temperatures are a reminder to recycle

Column by Coun Matthew Lee, leader of South Kesteven District Council

It’s always good to have a spell of hot weather, but when temperature records tumble, it can also be a stark reminder that our climate is changing and the need for action.

I was therefore delighted to see the Prime Minister’s recent announcement that the UK is rising to the challenge by setting a legally binding ‘net zero’ target for greenhouse gases by 2050.

Climate change is high on South Kesteven District Council’s agenda too. Our environment overview and scrutiny committee is hosting the first of a series of workshops with industry experts this month to identify what action we can take as a council that will make the biggest difference.

Matthew Lee (8489798)
Matthew Lee (8489798)

In the meantime, one of the simplest and easiest things we can do is reuse or recycle more and recycle more carefully.

The reality is that the weight of the recycling we are collecting is reducing, while the amount of recycling contaminated by things such as food, electricals and even nappies is increasing. If we all take a bit more care when we recycle it could make a big difference.

We are also in discussion about rolling out a food waste collection service across the district, following a fantastic response from the 4,000 households in our food waste trial.

Collecting food waste every week keeps it out of bins, out of landfill and can be used to generate ‘green’ electricity.

Not only is it another easy way to help the environment, it can also help save money by cutting down on the amount of food households waste. I hope to have more news on this soon.

For many residents, looking after the environment also means caring about the cleanliness of our streets, which is why we launched our Big Clean campaign in 2017 to make sure our streets are free of litter, weeds and graffiti.

You can help us maintain our new, higher street standard by reporting any area that need our attention via the South Kesteven District Council website.

We were approached by the Woodland Trust recently, which is based here in South Kesteven, to sign its 10-point Tree Charter as part of National Tree Week.

We are very keen to become signatories and are currently working through what the pledges mean in practical terms.

I look forward to hearing the environment committee’s recommendations for ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint and help mitigate our impact on the environment, whether it’s through the houses we build or the energy we generate.

One thing is for sure: the call for action on climate change is only going to get louder in the coming months and years – rightly so.

But it’s good to know that there are practical things we can all do today to help reduce our impact on the environment.

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