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'Something must be done about traffic problems'

With the latest protests about climate change and how Nottingham is doing all they can to reduce pollution, not half an hour down the A52, Grantham is still living in the 20th Century.

The traffic planners seem to have no idea about how to reduce pollution in the town and their feeble attempt to convince us that they are serious about lowering it with two electric cars that spend most of the time parked up at the depot, having LED bulbs in street lighting and putting solar panels on the council building roof. That will certainly not be enough to alter the situation that prevails in town.

Anyone can see that the traffic round both gyratory systems is caused by an abundance of traffic lights that do not work with the traffic but against it. The best example of backward thinking is the Next car park. There used to be a gate at the back that exited towards Union Street but that was blocked off and now every vehicle has to exit in one direction towards a set of traffic lights which cannot cope with the traffic anyway.

Traffic stock image (8769361)
Traffic stock image (8769361)

Then there is the fiasco of the exit of Station Road. If you need to get from station road on to Harlaxton Road you have to negotiate the gyratory system which takes ages and I am sure the pollution in that area must be over the limit.

When exiting Morrisons’ car park either into Wharf Road or Westgate it causes more pollution and in the case of Westgate, if you wish to go from the car park to Dysart Road you have to take your life in your hands to negotiate three lanes of traffic of which two are approaching from ahead with no signals to let you know where they are going and eventually when you make it across those lanes you have to do the same again to get in the left lane to get into Dysart Road.

These are only a small selection of the problems we face everyday in town.

With all the new proposed housing projects forthcoming it does not bode well for the future of the town and if anyone replies saying the new relief road is coming, it will make very little difference to the local foul ups if it ever arrives.

And who on earth OK’d those stupid speed humps in Westgate made of bricks? That whole area should be shared space with no kerbing and a 15mph speed limit.

Whilst on the subject of pollution, why is the council not actively promoting electric transport with more chargers – or even some would be good. It would promote the town as more electric vehicles come on to the roads as they will avoid places that they can’t charge at and there are many people now that go elsewhere to shop.

It’s not too late but it very soon will be.

Dave Pepperdine

Grantham EV Group

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