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South Kesteven District Council pays almost £150,000 in compensation

South Kesteven District Council has paid almost £150,000 in compensation to claimants over the past five years.

Following a FOI request to councils throughout Lincolnshire, it was revealed that SKDC had dealt with 28 claims in five years, 15 of which were successful.

The most that the council had to pay out was £32,205 after someone tripped on a pavement. In total, it has managed to fight off £332,968 of claims but has been forced to pay out a total of £146,247.89.

South Kesteven District Council (7141690)
South Kesteven District Council (7141690)

Meanwhile, North Kesteven District Council has dealt with 24 claims with 19 of them being successfully fought off, totalling more than £187,202. Some of these unsuccessful claims included an injury from a dog bite, a person being struck by a sign in high winds and one not following safe systems of work.

Yet North Kesteven still only had to pay a total of £63,671 in compensation which is £82,576.89 less than that paid by SKDC.

The City of Lincoln Council paid a little over £21,000 in compensation claims.

East Lindsey District Council was the district with the most claims with 52 incidents reported, however, 18 of those claims were not ELDC’s responsibility.

Claims to the authority included a person falling off a donkey, one running into an information board frame, another hitting their head on an ashtray attached to a wall and another tripping on a barrier on the beach.

Its biggest claim over the past five years was for £14,202 for an injury caused after a fall in a car park.

A spokesman for ELDC said: “The amount of public open space owned by East Lindsey District Council is far greater than any other Council in Lincolnshire. As a result, it could be expected that we might receive more claims.

“Having said that, we do sometimes receive claims inadvertently where people believe we are responsible for a piece of land.”

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