South Kesteven’s strategy to be clean, green and healthy too

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In a meeting of South Kesteven District Council’s cabinet on Monday a strategy focused on ensuring a clean, green and healthy environment received unanimous approval.

South Kesteven’s operations director of environmental services, Ian Yates said: “There is a close synergy between health and wellbeing, a clean environment, and the green environmental activities in the district.

“The approach taken here is to deliver a high level strategic document fitting health and wellbeing in with our clean and green actions to form one overall strategy.”

The plans are broken down into four key strands – active and healthy lifestyles, healthy homes, clean and safe neighbourhoods and protecting the environment for the future.

An element within the first of these areas, active and healthy lifestyles, was raised in the meeting concerning adult obesity, which has remained static at 24.3 per cent of adults in South Kesteven being classed as obese, slightly above the average in England but better than the county average.

However South Kesteven does have the highest levels of statutory homelessness in Lincolnshire, which the plans aim to tackle by helping the homeless gain access to the private sector.

This comes under the healthy homes aspect of the strategy, which also intends to reduce the number of excess winter deaths as well as those in fuel poverty.

At the top of measures to create clean and safe neighbourhoods is combating dog fouling and litter through enforcement of environmental crime, while recycling and increased energy efficiency in council-owned buildings are key parts of the strategy’s protection of the environment for the future.

Mr Yates stated that health and wellbeing in the district is comparatively good, as shown by the recent Halifax Quality of Life Survey 2013 which placed South Kesteven 18th in the list of the top 50 places to live in the country.

“That said there are always areas of concern and areas to improve on, highlighted in the strategy,” he added.

Coun John Smith, portfolio holder for healthy environment, moved the recommendation for the strategy, and said: “Clean, green and healthy is one of the main priorities of the council, and working together with other districts in the county and the county strategy I feel the document that has been produced gives a broad sweep of what we are wishing to do and how we might achieve it.”

During the meeting the cabinet also approved an amended site allocation and policies development plan document as recommended by the independent planning inspector.