South Witham villagers care for ponies ‘abandoned’ by owner

Ponies at South Witham
Ponies at South Witham
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South Witham villagers are caring for ponies, including foals, they say have been 
abandoned by their owner.

Residents say the presumed owner brought around 20 
ponies to a field in the village but has left them uncared for.

The ponies, including foals, are said to be underweight, malnourished, untidy looking, and despite last week’s snow and ice, they had no shelter.

The ponies keep escaping, leading to concerned villagers to try and catch the animals and then look after them.

Villager Nigel Howlett tol the Journal: “The whole village has come together to give them water and hay. It’s now got to a stage where everybody is talking about it.”

The police and RSPCA have been called, with police making several visits to the village. The owner has also visited, with residents unhappy at his behaviour.

Nigel continued: “The local community is providing hay and water. They are there all hours. They are paying for it themselves. The RSPCA aren’t doing anything but a horse rescue centre is helping.”

Now, some of the ponies are said to be suffering dirt infections in their hooves and eyes.

Nigel added:”It’s come to the point where we can get a field and see if we can adopt them in the village.”

Police say cases of alleged animal cruelty and neglect are matters for the RSPCA.

The Journal contacted the RSPCA for comment but they did not respond by the time we went to press.