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Grantham residents urged to spare a thought for pets and livestock when letting off fireworks

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A farmer is urging people to be courteous when letting off fireworks around livestock on Bonfire Night.

Donya Donger, who has a smallholding in Muston, wants to raise awareness about the impact fireworks have on animals.

She said: "We have many ponies and horses at our livery yard and we always make sure they are in their stables when fireworks are being set off. Big bangs in the sky are scary to them and can result in them panicking and hurting themselves.

Alfie (52637595)
Alfie (52637595)

"The Animal Welfare Act 2006 states it is an offence to cause any unnecessary suffering to any captive or domestic animal. Fireworks must not be set off near livestock or horses in fields or close to buildings housing livestock."

She is urging people to be "courteous and to let your local farmer, livestock/horse owner know."

The National Farmers' Union (NFU) say that fireworks, especially when used at unpredictable times of year, have the possibility to frighten livestock, which can lead to lower production and even stock loss. Poultry especially are at risk of a “smother,” where birds huddle together which can result in some birds dying.

In addition fireworks can pose a fire risk if hot embers land on barns or in fields of standing crops. This is particularly an issue during the summer when crops are more likely to be dry.

While the NFU has said it does not have a position on when it is appropriate for fireworks to be let off, it calls on everyone using fireworks to consider the safety and well-being of their neighbours and animals.

The union said it is also important to let farmers know beforehand of any planned firework display, so they can take necessary precautions to protect their animals.

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