Staff insist under fire A&E boss ‘puts patients before paperwork’

A&E Clinical Nurse manager Paul Lewis outsied Grantham Hospital.
A&E Clinical Nurse manager Paul Lewis outsied Grantham Hospital.
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STAFF at Grantham Hospital want their ‘leader’ and ‘inspiration’ returned to front line duty after he was disciplined last week.

A&E Clinical Nurse Manager Paul Lewis, who has worked in the NHS for over 35 years, was told last week that he faces dismissal if he refuses to accept a demotion and removal from the A&E department.

Staff say it is because he spent ‘too much time caring for his patients and not enough time on the mountains of paperwork they expected him to complete’.

The letter from A&E staff, which has been verified to the Journal by hospital sources who wish to remain anonymous for fear of losing their jobs, goes on to state that they do not respect the hospital bosses.

It goes on: ‘but Paul was different - he always cared so much for his staff and his patients. He always led by example and has been a wonderful role model to all of the nurses and doctors he has worked with. He is such a respected senior A&E nurse, whose clinical skills and knowledge are second to none.

‘He was our leader and an inspiration to us all. We miss him so very much, and want him to come back to us. The A&E team are so sad without him. We feel bereaved.”

The staff go on to tell the Journal how he frequently stayed long after his shifts finished to support them and ensure patients were seen. ‘He should have a medal rather than be disciplined’.

A hospital source added: “Throughout the hospital there’s unease and anger about what’s happened.

‘A new set of managers came in just over a year ago and they want to make their mark. They’ve got away with it and disciplined the most conscientious person on the Grantham site. I think people are stunned and frightened, thinking if they can do that to Paul what can they do to me? Lots of people in the hospital have said they would want Paul nursing them. They’re trying to shut us up.

What’s more important? Patients or paperwork?”