Stamp Your Feet in Stamford to musical written in Grantham

The cast from original new musical Stamp Your Feet! EMN-151016-145820001
The cast from original new musical Stamp Your Feet! EMN-151016-145820001
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Prepare to be transported back to the mining and the music of the 70s, thanks to a story and score written right here in Grantham.

‘Stamp Your Feet’, a collaboration between long-time musical director of Harrowby Singers Chris Mahony and professional songwriter Paul Fairey, is back following a sell out performance of its UK debut in Grantham last year.

The popular musical will be coming to Stamford Corn Exchange on September 2 and 3, giving those who missed it last time, a second chance to see it again!

Set in a Yorkshire mining town in 1972, against a backdrop of industrial disputes, inflation, and power cuts, the story centres on up-and-coming band Save Our Souls, who are desperate to leave home and become famous.

Most of the action takes place within the local welfare club, run by the larger than life Bernie. He is portrayed by Trevor Galtress, who leads songs like ‘Put Another Shilling in the Meter’ with gusto.

Indeed Bernie is also an ex-professional singer, and offers to introduce the band to a top London agent. As they practice for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it soon becomes a race against time with the threat of power cuts looming.

Chris and Paul have both enjoyed the creative freedom of writing their own work, and the different aspects they’ve each been able to bring to the score.

Paul explains: “I’m from a rock and pop background while Chris knows more about classical and show music. I said to Chris when we started writing, if we’d have paired up when we were 25, we would have made a lot of money!”

Asked what the audience can expect, he added: “Lots of laughs, plenty of nostalgia, fantastic music and a great story.”

The score includes Stamp Your Feet, Tonight’s The Night, Chucking Out Time, My Mama Said, I’m Just A Girl From the South, Come Join Our Union, Why Are Children So Good ? plus many other brand new song.

Tickets from or 01780 766455.