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Stepping out of education and into the world of work

Column by Pauline Mould, business development manager, Grantham College

As the academic year draws to a close and young people move into the next phase of their lives the summer offers the opportunity to consider the opportunities available.

Full time courses in sixth form or college are available but what about stepping out of education and into the world of work?

Pauline Mould, Grantham College business development manager (43921106)
Pauline Mould, Grantham College business development manager (43921106)

As employers across the region are looking to rebuild their businesses after the pandemic, many are looking to young people to fill their skills gaps.

Young people approach new opportunities with a fresh perspective allowing employers to train them to develop the skills that their business really needs

So what are employers looking for in a new employee on an apprenticeship?

Employers do not expect apprentices to have already developed the skills required to do the job, these can be taught. What employers prize most highly in their new apprentice is a positive attitude, someone who is keen to learn, wants to be part of the team, is flexible and willing to work with the business in a way that helps it to succeed.

Finding these opportunities couldn’t be easier, search ‘find an apprenticeship’ on the internet, enter your home postcode and see what is out there.

In the region at the moment there are IT, optical assistant, administration, engineering, sport, construction, teaching assistant, hospitality and catering and accounting opportunities being advertised.

Once you have found an opportunity that attracts your interest, applications can be made on line. Take the time to think about your answers, do they answer the question? Have you demonstrated what you have to offer an employer? Check spelling and grammar. Once your application is submitted this will be reviewed and sent to employers for them to invite you to interview and you’ve taken another step towards the world of work.

Over 70 per cent of apprentices secure permanent employment at the end of their apprenticeship so, in addition to gaining essential skills, for success in your career there is a strong chance that you will have secured a long-term job.

All apprentices are paid a salary so you are not just learning vocational skills but earning a wage too.

The Government is offering various initiatives to employers to encourage them to offer apprenticeships and other work placements to young people. If a business takes on an apprentice aged 16-24, they could receive up to £4,000 in doing so.

The adviser team at Grantham College are available to answer your questions about apprenticeship employment and other work based opportunities.

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