Stop complaining about Legion and join the fun

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Words fail me to hear there have been complaints about the noise coming from the Barrowby Royal British Legion.

The Legion is not just a community place to have fun, it is part of English history and a part of a very worthy charity.

The membership that is paid actually goes towards helping war veterans and the families who have been devastated by the effects of war.

So we really need the support from more people to join the club, not from people trying to close the club down.

The Barrowby British Legion does have live entertainment now and again, probably about 6-8 entertainers a year.

I cannot understand what amazing hearing the neighbours must have, as you can hardly hear it when standing in the club car park.

The Barrowby British Legion is a great family friendly venue - it’s the village hub.

So if you have a function or you want to become a member of a friendly place, this place is ideal for you.

Maybe if the people who are complaining about the noise came in now again, you never know they might actually enjoy themselves and they too could have a bit of fun at a weekend.

afraid to be named, too