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Experienced HGV driver criticises the placing of cones over bollards at Grantham roundabout

A HGV driver with 30 years of experience has criticised the use of cones over bollards at a Grantham roundabout.

Traffic cones have been placed on top of a row of metal bollards at the roundabout connecting Barrowby Road and Sankt Augustin Way, to prevent lorries from bursting their tyres on them.

This comes after several recent incidents where HGVs have driven over the metal bollards, prompting traffic chaos in the town centre.

The bollards near Asda in Grantham have been covered up with traffic cones. (49865336)
The bollards near Asda in Grantham have been covered up with traffic cones. (49865336)

A HGV driver of 30 years contacted the Journal, stating that the decision to place cones over the bollards is "risking the health of others".

The driver, who remained nameless, said: "A note to whoever the person that keeps putting cones in the road and on the bollards.

"You're not only breaking the law, as you should have a permit and be licensed to put road work items on the highway, you have also nearly caused two accidents.

"[The] first one last night [nearly happened] when I witnessed a motor bike swerve to miss a cone you had placed at the side of the road with no lights on it, he almost hit it.

"Secondly, a pedestrian using a stick almost tripped over one of the cones as they are mid-air and hanging over the path.

"So, whilst you think you are doing wonders, you are risking the health of others by your actions.

"A note to SKDC and LCC - use your CCTV camera to identify the person doing this and prosecute them.

"Lastly, and maybe a key point - you're doing this as you feel [the bollards] are a risk [to a HGV].

"I'm a HGV driver of 30 years, the bollards are not to blame. If you can't get an HGV around here without mounting the pavement, you should not be in control of an HGV - simple.

"The answer is, as per test standards, and as per many roads, you wait and stagger two lanes and go around with a wide turning circle.

"You don't get lazy and cut up the inside and then mount the path.

"So, to sum up, stop putting cones here and breaking the law and risking causing an incident, and stop saying it's the bollards, it's the drivers."

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