Stop wasting my money on printed waffle and prestige paving

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I have just received South Kesteven District Council’s SKToday publication. One wonders how much this self-congratulatory brochure costs and why it is needed at all?

At a time when we are all being told to tighten our belts and councils complain that they have insufficient funds, SKDC do not spend the funds that they do get from us on front-line services, or reduce the community charge - choosing instead to pay for SKToday?

Like many other councils, SKDC have, over the years, reduced services, charge more for what they do and then waste money like this. How many private businesses can afford to do that?

Oh, and rather than waste money on projects like the Market Place, why not attract shoppers by making all parking free?

Generally, I don’t shop in Grantham because it is such a hassle and so costly. I see that for next year the Council will be working on ‘tarting-up’ Wide Westgate with fancy paving and such.

How much will that cost and what disruption will it cause?

I hesitate to say this as it might prompt money being spent on a ‘consultation exercise’ but do the Councillors have any idea what people actually want them to do?

I would hazard a guess at something like, provide basic services, at a reasonable price. We certainly do not need printed waffle and prestige paving!

Tom O’Brien

Worcester Road, Grantham