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Store success in 'terribly posh' Grantham

A town centre interior design shop is enjoying summer success with a range of products bearing the slogan: “I’m terribly posh. I’m from Grantham.”

The White Robin at 28 Westgate began selling a range of tea towels, bags, mugs and coasters with the slogan several months ago and say they’ve never seen anything like it in years.

Rachel Berry and Bex Bullock have co-owned the business for three years and were inspired by seeing the ‘terribly posh’ products at a trade fair, which can be personalised to an individual town.

Rachel said they sold them at the Belton Horse trials and “people were laughing and joking at each other.”

Bex said: “The majority of people have taken it tongue in cheek and some people have bought them as a gift and a joke for friends and neighbours who talk in a posh way.”

Rachel continued: “We had a young lad who bought something for his girlfriend. He said she talked very posh and she was from Grantham. Another customer has a joke war with a neighbour about who is the most posh. She bought a mug and poster.

“The range is proving very, very popular. It’s certainly been one of our best selling lines this year.”

The White Robin has been promoting the products on social media, which has provoked a lively debate about how ‘posh’ Grantham really is.

Kaine Askew posted on Facebook: “Clearly the person who made these has never been to Grantham.”

Others on Twitter have speculated if Grantham has a ‘terribly posh’ reputation due to the influence and the refined voice of its most famous daughter, Margaret Thatcher (pictured).

However, Rachel and Bex diplomatically decline to comment, noting howpublic opinion on Britain’s first woman prime minister is ‘divided in town’.’

In addition to the ‘terribly posh’ range, the store also offers a similar range of jute bags which say: “I’ve got bags of style. I’m from Grantham.”

The jute bags are proving especially popular with shoppers looking for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic carrier bags.

Rachel and Bex say they have other ideas up their sleeve .

Rachel said: “We are thinking about a range with ‘I love Grantham.’ We are looking at vintage style pressed plaques like car number plates. I was talking to a shopkeeper and she told me her best seller is ‘I love Louth.’

Both Rachel and Bex live in Colsterworth, but Bex was born in Grantham.

But are they terribly posh themselves? “No!” they cry in response.

Bex confirmed: “We’re Jo Average. Just the same as the next person.”

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