STRAIGHT TO THE POINT: Grantham Journal readers react to news online

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Meadow created in park

n Thank you - the wild flowers are really beautiful, and a pleasure to walk by. I wish something could be done on the area before the fishing pond which gets very muddy and waterlogged but it was nice to have a mown path to walk on to avoid the muddiest parts


n It was very pleasing to see the wildlife,

forageing amongst the wild flowers, in the park area.

But, we need more bee friendly areas, to stop the decline

of the native honey bee in this country.

We need to be planting more bee friendly plants and trees to prevent these polinators from disappearing.

Can we have more areas of wildflowers and trees please?

Concerned Beekeeper

Thatcher outfits sold at auction

n i bet the Queensway pantie pincher is kicking himself for leaving the suit on the line !!

Say It How It Is

Giant cabbage at village show

n Grrrr!!! Pesky borrowers. Living under my floor boards and stealing my cabbages

Andy Plutherington

Death of Stan Staniland aged 50

n Such sad news. Stan was invited and looking forward to our school reunion next year. Will be sadly missed by Facebook St. Wulframs of ‘78 leavers. R.I.P. xx


n Very sad news - i knew Stan for over 20 years through football and he was one of life’s good guys ...50 is no age... Condolences to his family. R.IP. Stan.

Say It How It Is