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Sensor technology to be used to make street lights more efficient in the Grantham area

New technology is set to be introduced in the district, which will help people feel safer walking at night.

Unlike Lincolnshire County Council, South Kesteven District Council keeps its street lights, most of which are found in rural areas, on throughout the whole night.

However, in a bid to become more efficient and reduce carbon emissions, the council is looking to procure new lights which use sensor technology allowing them to turn on as someone is approaching.

A Street Light (20574721)
A Street Light (20574721)

South Kesteven district councillor Peter Moseley attended a virtual Stamford Town Council meeting on Tuesday to share plans for this new technology.

He said: “As you walk to the next one the lights will turn on. Once you’ve gone past and there’s no movement for a period of time they go back down.

“We know using the lights drastically reduces energy and, consequently, emissions.”

South Kesteven has about 3,900 street lights, which are mainly located in rural areas.

The new lights would remain at 20 per cent brightness through the night but when sensing movement increase to 100 per cent. They would also lower light pollution as the light from LEDs is directed downwards on to roads and footpaths, reducing the amount going into people’s homes and gardens.

However, with it being new technology it has presented a challenge to procure the lights.

“This is a technology in its infancy,” said Coun Moseley.

“I believe it’s one at the forefront in the coming years.

“We have to take a decision whether we futureproof our lights.”

He added: “It’s not an easy road but I’m really hopeful in the next few months that we will have appointed somebody to provide intelligent lights and actually role them out in the next few years.”

The idea won support from councillors, with Coun David Dorson, who works in IT, stating it is good to see a council looking into new technology.

county's decision to switch off many of its street lights overnight caused controversy

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