Students’ IQs match Einstein and Hawking

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ALBERT Einstein and Stephen Hawking may be two of the greatest ever minds, but their IQ has been beaten by a King’s School pupil.

Brainiac Edward Roberts topped the genius’s scores of 160 by one point. And not only that, a further seven students scored level at 160.

A group of 80 pupils opted to take the Mensa test, with 31 gaining enough points to be accepted as members of the ‘high IQ society’.

Ollie Bitowt, 15, scored an impressive 160.

He said: “I thought the test was going to be hard questions like maths questions, but it was more how you interpret things.

“When I found out I had a 160, I thought I’d done really well and I was happy, but also surprised. My family is very proud.”

James Kelly is only 12 years old and he also scored 160 - beating his dad.

James said: “It felt really good and I took the mickey out of my dad a bit.

“I was quite pleased and quite happy that I’ve got some talent.”

Chris Eldridge, 15, took the test to boost his UCAS points.

He said: “I wasn’t expecting to get 160 points to be honest. It was a nice score.

“It wasn’t really difficult, although a few questions were hard. It was quite easy.”

Top scorer Edward and the 160-scorers surpassed Carol Voderman’s 154 points, Bill Clinton’s 137 points, and Madonna’s 140 points.

School PTFA chairman Ruth Crook organised the tests for the boys, in part to raise a bit of money for the school.

Each student paid £15 to take the test, while the school paid a discounted fee of £7.50.

She said: “We are absolutely pleased, it’s nice for them. Even those who didn’t get sufficient points to get into Mensa came very close.

“For one student to get 161 is phenomenal, when you think 162 is the maximum.”