Support music night for the cemetery fund

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A SON who found his parents’ grave desecrated at Grantham Cemetery last weekend is hoping to raise hundreds of pounds to help put things right.

A gang of vandals smashed around 50 headstones at the cemetery in Harrowby Road last weekend, leaving many families faced with a hefty bill to replace headstones or lost items.

Andrew Garton, of Boothby Pagnall, found the resting place of his parents among those trashed and has organised a fund-raising music night at the Playhouse.

He said: “We’re hoping as many people as possible will come out and support the event.

“What happened was tragic but we are very lucky because our parents’ grave is insured against vandalism. However, many people don’t have insurance so I’m doing this for those people.”

Keely Sewards, featured on the front of last week’s paper, is one of those facing a hefty bill after the headstone to her stillborn child was snapped in two. She has been told a replacement would cost at least £1,400.

The music night will be held at the Playhouse on Friday, April 1, from 8.30pm until midnight. The Playhouse has kindly donated the venue free of charge. Tickets are £5 on the door.

Acts performing include Kitchen Sink Band, The Thieves and vocalist Shaun James, with Mick Lee compering the night. None of the acts will be paid to perform, with all of the money going towards the cemetery fund.

Police are continuing to investigate the vandalism at Grantham Cemetery last weekend.

Forensic evidence has been sent away for analysis and it could yet be some weeks until anyone is charged.

Four males aged between 15 and 21, all from the Grantham area were arrested following the incident.

If you have any information on the incident which you think may be of interest to the police then call 0300 111 0300, quoting incident 110 of March 6, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.