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Grantham Town Action Pics. 987B
Grantham Town Action Pics. 987B
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I was delighted to see the Journal’s extensive coverage of Grantham Town in last week’s edition.

Regular readers will recall that I wrote to the Journal last season as our local team went on a terrific run that took them to the Play Off Final.

At that time I made the connection between the Grantham Is Great campaign, and the good publicity a successful football team brings to the town - especially so when all around there is gloomy news.

Well the good news is that this season we have started our run for the top much earlier, and as I write ‘The Town’ (as many people have known them as over the years) are sitting well placed in second spot.

I therefore urge Grantham folk to come along and get behind us – the team needs YOU to show you care about Grantham.

We are very grateful to our major sponsors Stoneacre and all those other local businesses and individuals who give us great support - what we now need, as Manager Jimmy Albans said, are more bums on seats.

Our attendance figures are up on last season so a few more folk have already been along to see a winning team.

As we enter the season of goodwill and hopefully the promise of a better new year for our community, I implore as many of you as possible to get up to The Meres.

There will be no better time to start the habit than at our big South Kesteven Derby match at home to Stamford on Boxing Day.

Tony Fraher

Chair, Grantham Town Supporters Club