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After reading all the letters in last Friday’s Journal giving flak to Grantham, I feel compelled in writing this letter complimenting Grantham on their wonderful auditorium at the Meres Leisure Centre.

My wife and I went along to see the superb The Hollies live on stage last night and could not believe the size/facilities of the venue.

It was our first time there and on the way home to Sleaford we both made the comment ‘why haven’t we been there before’?

We certainly will be keeping an eye on future live events being held there as we normally have to travel to Skegness (Embassy Theatre which is of similar size) or dare I say it, Newark (the more intimate Palace Theatre which I understand is threatened with closure) to see the stars we like to see, although we are looking forward to seeing the Barron Knights soon at the Guildhall Arts Centre, which will also be our first visit there.

So a message to all living in and around the Grantham area, keep supporting what you have on your doorstep. And to those who don’t know it is there, give it a try.

Grantham Town Centre is going through similar proposed changes that are being forced upon us at Sleaford, and we have the same problem: that is that non-Grantham/Sleaford residents are making the big decisions for us.

Why don’t the powers that be listen to what the locals have to say, they’re only too pleased to take our hard earned money off us.

Alan Ward