Switch Off Challenge sees Lincolnshire schools save energy

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Sixty schools signed up for the Lincolnshire Schools Switch Off Challenge on November 21, saving almost a tonne of carbon dioxide – enough to meet an average house’s energy use for 27 days.

The Lincolnshire Schools Switch Off Challenge (LSSOC) encourages schools to reduce their carbon footprint in a fun and inventive ways. They were challenged to switch off all non-essential electrical items, and use meter readings to compare their electricity use to a ‘normal’ day.

The challenge saw schools not only switch off their lights, but create and maintain fires, build turbines and solar-powered cars, and design energy-saving superheroes.

County councillor David Brailsford said: “I’m so proud of the enthusiasm shown by Lincolnshire schools as they took part in the Switch Off Challenge. They came up with some really creative ways of saving energy and introducing sustainability into the curriculum.

“They saved an impressive amount of energy on the day, and hopefully the schools will continue their energy saving habits into the future.”

Switch Off Challenge is part of the SCoRE Programme, a free education programme for schools in Lincolnshire.

For more information on making your school more sustainable, please visit www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/score