‘Tabby-gasted’ as cat returns after 2 years

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A CAT which went missing two years ago was reunited with his astonished owners – thanks to Facebook.

Tigger, 10, left his home in Brittain Drive, Grantham, in 2010 and never returned.

Owner Martina Haude never stopped thinking about Tigger, she left messages with the RSPCA and trawled rescue websites but after she heard nothing for months she presumed that he had been killed.

She said: “We woke up one morning and he had vanished off the face of the earth. I thought he must’ve been run over. I thought I’d never see him again.

“I did not expect that two years later I would be on Facebook and see his face looking back at me!”

Martina, who is a member of just one rescue centre in Nottingham, RACR, was looking on its webpage when she saw a stray listed – Tigger. He had travelled 30 miles.

Martina said: “I was in shock, I thought ‘that’s my cat’.”

The family, who now live in Manor Drive, Great Gonerby, searched for old photos of Tigger and sent them to the rescue centre, who after verifying it was Tigger, invited them to collect him.

Tigger had refused to leave his cage or acknowledge anyone at the rescue centre, but as soon as he saw Martina’s son, Sam, 15, he leapt to get to him.

Martina said: “Tigger went to the front of the cage and started rubbing his side against it. He let out this almighty purr. Then when he was out of the cage he started snuggling up to Sam like he knew him.

“It’s so nice to have him back. I would love to know how he ended up over there.”

Tigger is getting used to his new indoor surroundings and the family are not letting him out of their sight until he is microchipped.

Martina added: “I’m thinking about getting him a harness to go out in the garden with. It must be really weird for him to be back.”