Table tennis star swings into action as new coach for Grantham’s Walton Girls’ school

Table tennis star Gavin Evans is the new coach at Walton Girls' school.
Table tennis star Gavin Evans is the new coach at Walton Girls' school.
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International table tennis player Gavin Evans has joined Walton Girls’ school in Grantham, and will provide regular extra-curricular lessons.

The students at Walton had the privilege of being taught their PE lessons by Evans. He helped them polish their skills and gave the students coaching tips.

Evans was a European Under 15 singles champion and a member of England’s Junior (Under 18) World Championship winning team. He plays most of his domestic table tennis in the Belgium Super League.

Now he is taking on a new challenge, coaching after school table tennis sessions at Walton, and he visited the academy students for a taster day.

When Evans joins the academy he aims to produce local players within Lincolnshire.

Miss Sandell, from Walton’s PE department, said: “It was an excellent morning - all of the students really enjoyed the lessons and their interest in the sport has definitely increased. At the end they all said that they were impressed with Gavin’s coaching.”

A student from year 8 said: “The lesson we had with Mr. Evans was loads of fun and he helped me learn how to hit the ball faster, but so it doesn’t fall off the table! I can’t wait to play again!”