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Grantham pet expert discusses microchipping in latest column

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Column from Grantham pet expert Sara Barnes, of Who Lets Your Dog Out?

With roughly 13million dogs in the UK according to The Kennel Club, there is roughly one dog for every five people in the UK.

June is national microchip month for dogs. The law states that all dogs should be microchipped before they are eight weeks old, and when they are out in public, they should also wear a collar or harness with a tag on it that gives the contact details of the owner.

Sara Barnes of Who Lets Your Dog Out? (53123986)
Sara Barnes of Who Lets Your Dog Out? (53123986)

Many people argue why does my dog need a tag with my contact details on it when they’ve got a microchip with my details attached to it.

Let’s think about it: if you are out walking your dog and come across another dog, which is nice enough to let you catch them and there is no owner or person around who appears to be looking after that dog, how do we find out who the owner of that dog is?

If the dog has a collar or harness with a tag on it more than likely we will have the owners name, phone number and if following kennel club guidelines an idea of where they live based on their postcode. Most of us then will be able to make a call to the number on the tag and speed up the process of reuniting the dog with its owner.

If the dog is not wearing a collar or harness with a tag, it maybe they have lost said item while they’re running free then we as the finder would need to transport the dog to a vets or police station to get the dogs microchip scanned, for that person to then look it up on the microchip databases, yes there is more than one! Then a call could be made to the registered owner to arrange the return of the dog.

Now here’s two questions for you - when was the last time you checked the tag on your dog? assuming you have one, and then when was the last time you updated the microchip details held on your dog?

Did you know if they aren’t microchipped or the details up to date you could be fined up to £500. Approx. 90% are microchipped.

Check and update if necessary the microchip details held on your pet. Many dogs struggle to be reunited with their owners due to microchip details not being up-to-date, in fact back in 2017 the Dogs Trust reported that two out of three stray dogs were unable to be reunited with their owners as the microchip details were incorrect.

A dog tag can cost as little as £5, which is a small price to pay for peace of mind and the chance of being quickly reunited with a lost pet.

If you aren’t sure which database your microchip is registered on you can search using this website https://www.check-a-chip.co.uk/

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