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Did I misread your report on the site of the Isaac Newton pub?

The planning application for a KFC was rejected on the grounds that its appearance would be “detrimental to the character and appearance of the area and that the access road would cause queues and possible noise disturbance and anti-social behaviour”.

I’m sorry, is this the same site that is opposite a derelict lorry yard, just past a second hand car showroom, and just before building suppliers, not to mention an empty car showroom? Character and appearance? Surely a brand new KFC would add to it.

Queues? Was this considered when McDonald’s was approved with an entrance next to one of the worst junctions in Grantham?

And noise disturbance etc? It is replacing a pub, for crying out loud. Surely a business where noise, disturbance and anti-social behaviour are renowned. I read in the Journal regularly that police are called to drinking establishments, but to takeaway chicken establishments?


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