Taxi ‘Home Safe’ cards launch to give parents peace of mind

Home safe card at Can Cabs, Kenny Evans. 324C
Home safe card at Can Cabs, Kenny Evans. 324C
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PARENTS are to be given peace of mind thanks to an innovative idea launched today (Friday) by a Grantham taxi firm.

Can Cabs’ new initiative, entitled ‘Home Safe’, aims to keep cash-strapped youngsters safe by allowing them to show a card to any of the firm’s 50 drivers to get a ride home.

Card-holders can also use it to get a taxi lift to hospital.

Can Cabs manager Kevin Addlesee said: “We all know what kids are like, spending all their money at McDonald’s.

“They can use their cards to get home when they’ve run out of money, or if there is a downpour or the car has broken down.”

All parents have to do is e-mail the firm and request a registration form. Simply fill in the details and send it back to receive a ‘Home Safe’ card, free of charge.

Once a journey has been taken by a card-holder, the driver reports the journey to Kevin, who will reimburse the driver and bill the registered parent.

Kevin said: “You don’t have to fork out anything to get a card, and it can only be used to get to your home address or to hospital, so it can’t get abused.

“If they do get into any trouble, you know they can get home.

“It’s peace of mind for parents.”

Although the scheme was initially created with children and young people in mind, it can be adapted and used by businesses and other people within the community.

To find out more or to request a registration form, e-mail Kevin at

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