Teachers’ absenteeism sets an awful example

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As a parent of an A-Level Student, I was shocked to receive a letter today informing me that some 50 out of 64 teachers could be absent due to the so-called “day of action” on 30th November.

Like many schools, KGGS takes attendance seriously, giving awards for good attendance by pupils and disciplining those who do not attend without good reason.

Last night, we had the treat of seeing a number of students receive awards for 100% attendance - unlike those who teach them.

Will the headteacher be taking action against his staff who do not turn up? Not a bit of it, as the letter from Mr Burks seems to support the action.

Teachers receive, and will receive even after the changes, a pension that those of us in the private sector can only dream of.

I encourage all parents to write to the school asking them to take appropriate action against absent teachers, as they would if our children were absent without permission.

Perhaps they will get an absentee mark on their report card.

Stephen Pearson

Long Bennington

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