Teen mum returned to crime after fire attack

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A REFORMED drug addict who had turned her life around fell off the wagon after becoming the victim of domestic violence, magistrates were told.

Marion Robertson, 18, admitted 13 shop thefts and three motoring offences, all committed in the past four months.

Rob Arthur, defending, told the court how the teenager had left Grantham and made a fresh start after beginning a new relationship.

Mr Arthur said: “Everything appeared to be going well. However, her partner turned out not to be a knight in shining armour. She was the victim of severe domestic abuse.

“In one case he tried to set fire to her house with her and a child inside.”

Mr Arthur said Robertson returned to Grantham as a result before “falling off the wagon” and committing a “plethora of shop thefts over three or four months”.

Chair of magistrates Graham Harman said: “To say the least you have come very close to being in custody. But we do feel you need help.

“You have had help before and it has worked. Let’s hope what we propose to do works again.”

Robertson was given an 18-month community order with a drug and alcohol treatment requirement.