Tell councillors your views on Market Place

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Why do the Councillors of SKDC and Lincs County Council keep bleating on about negative comments on Grantham?

If the Council and Highways Departments were not so hell-bent on ruining the town then we would not have anything to complain about. Support the businesses in the town.

We now have a Market Place that will be underused for the vast majority of the time, instead of continuing to be short-term car parking, bringing customers to the town.

As it is very difficult to get Councillors to reply to you, I would like to invite the people of Grantham to the Market Place Grantham on Saturday at 9.45am and let the Councillors know your views.

For or against? Let them know! And bring your banners.

Is the Market Place £1.6million well spent?

Should the market place have been resurfaced and a traffic warden employed at a vastly cheaper and more useful option?

Is the sculpture a true reflection of Grantham and money well spent?

Grantham has a history of quality engineering, does this monstrosity reflect this?

Should the market cross have been renovated or at least cleaned, with this money?

See you there.

Iain Angus & Tim Harrison