Test your skill at the Kurling Club

Urban Curling Feature at South Witham village hall.
Urban Curling Feature at South Witham village hall.
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AFTER spending ten minutes or so watching a pair in their 80s effortlessly sliding stones the length of the hall, it was my turn.

I grabbed my first stone and was surprised by the weight. It showed. My first effort finishing only half way down the track.

But there’s nothing like the light-hearted ribbing of a room full of pensioners to get a young man’s competitive juices flowing.

The next was an inch or so from scoring, finishing just off the target mat. Quickly the ribbing turned to back-slapping. I may not have beaten the 87-year-old but everyone agreed, it was a good first effort.

Welcome to the world of New Age Kurling.

The sport takes its lead from the Winter Olympic event of curling but, instead of ice, the members of South Witham Kurling Club use the village hall floor.

Club secretary Maureen Reader explains how the club got started three years ago.

She says: “One of the other ladies came up to me one day and said: “there must be something we can do on an afternoon instead of watching the television.

“Then we saw some kurling taster sessions advertised by the county council. We started off with four of us and now there’s about 34 with people aged between 23 and 87. It’s just grown and grown.”

The club travels around the country competing in and winning various tournaments, including a third place finish at the British Open at Sittingbourne in Kent.

Club chairman Tom Chalmers said: “People can use their hands like in curling or they can use a special stick to push - which makes it a great sport for disabled people.”

The Kurling Club is held at South Witham Village Hall on Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm until 9pm and Wednesday afternoons from 2pm until 4pm. Sessions cost £2 each.

If you are interested in giving it a try then call Maureen on 01572 768307.