Thatcher’s monument is evident for us all to see

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I enjoyed Bob Hart’s review of the Thatcher film with its Grantham folk and their Yorkshire accents.

By all accounts Meryl Streep does her usual brilliant job.

Meryl can’t be blamed for Grantham being moved somewhere between Batley and Cleckheaton.

I don’t think there are any serious answers to Ray Wootten’s plea for a Grantham Thatcher tourist trail.

You start at the family shop near Asda. You walk past the site of former engineering works destroyed by her crazed, cruel monetarist dogma.

You end up at the Job Centre where everyone ended up under Thatcher. Some walk, and some tourist attraction.

As for the suggestion, presumably made tongue in cheek, of a monument to Thatcher, my answer to that is simple.

She has the same monument as Christopher Wren: “If you seek my monument, look around you”.

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