The Big Interview: Eco-conscious Blue Castle helps others stay green

Grantham Journal Business Awards 2014: Blue Castle
Grantham Journal Business Awards 2014: Blue Castle
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As we continue our series of interviews with winners of Grantham Journal’s Business Awards, Blue Castle’s commerical director Dean Anderson spoke to the Journal about the environmental company.

Based at Long Bennington Business Park and employing 42 staff, Blue Castle won the Green Achievement Award, Apprentice of the Year and the Judges’ Choice Award.

What did it mean to Blue Castle to win these awards?

To be recognised for the Green Award was extremely pleasing because as a company whose mission is to be “an innovator in environmental sustainability” it confirms that not only do we make the best recommendations for our clients, but that we live and practice our own preachings. For Joe to win the Apprentice of the Year was extremely pleasing because in our business we are building for the future. The Judges’ Award was very special to us because it meant that the judges saw something in our business over and above others.

For those who are not familiar with Blue Castle, can you explain a little bit about your company?

We are an environmental consultancy supporting clients in lowering the cost and their impact on the environment. We have two core teams specialising in energy management, and waste and recycling. Part of our success in delivering the best tailored solutions can be attributed to the fact that every customer has a dedicated account manager providing bespoke and professional solutions. Beyond just helping our customers, all the staff here at Blue Castle are committed to increasing ours, and our customers’, green credentials. On top of this we are also an active partner in local community charity work.

In his speech Joe Kirby talked about how he is now helping train future apprentices. What opportunities do you offer to apprentices?

Blue Castle are a firm believer in the apprenticeship program. We recognise the importance of bringing young people into the business, teaching and nurturing them. We offer a range of apprenticeships at various times which encompass aspects of account management and day to day administration whilst aiming to give each apprentice genuine business know-how. We would urge anyone interested in joining us for an apprenticeship to contact us on

Why do you think it is important for businesses to be green?

Being green is undoubtedly an essential part of growing any business into the future. Any company, no matter what their size, can benefit from reducing their environmental footprint. We have found that setting a positive example for employees, boosts morale and company loyalty. We have seen customers gaining a competitive advantage by differentiating themselves as a green company. There is also phenomenal scope for improving efficiency and lowering operating costs by making greener choices. We also find that greener thinking companies end up providing a cleaner and healthier work environment for everyone.