‘The gift of life is the greatest gift of all’

Jason and Susan Lupton.
Jason and Susan Lupton.
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THIS Christmas will be extra special for one Grantham family who will be celebrating with their twin boys after eight years of trying for children.

Susan and Jason Lupton, of Neals Crescent, Grantham, are thrilled to have sons Bradley and Daniel thanks to an unknown egg donor.

Susan said: “It feels fantastic being a parent. We couldn’t have asked for more.”

Egg donation was the last chance the couple had of having a baby after Susan suffered from an ectopic pregnancy and several heart-breaking miscarriages.

Susan said: “I had mixed emotions when they first suggested egg donation but we wanted to have a family.”

Egg donation uses the sperm from the father and the egg from an unknown donor. The fertilised egg is then placed in the mother’s womb so the child is produced just like any other pregnancy.

Susan said: “I suppose a lot of women might worry and wonder if the children are really theirs, but you have done everything the same as everyone else - it’s only the biological bit.”

After two unsuccessful attempts with egg donation the couple sold their cars and possessions to raise the money to try for a third and final time.

Susan said: “The first time it failed we were absolutely devastated, you never quite get over that. I was a bit shell-shocked when I saw there were twins the third time. It felt quite amazing.”

Now the babies are a few months old and the couple are happier than ever.

Jason said: “I’m over the moon about having them.”

Nottingham clinic Care Fertility performed the procedure but is struggling to find enough egg donors to meet demand.

Medical director Dr George Ndukwe told the Journal the waiting list for egg donation is over a year in most areas of the country.

He said: “The gift of life is the greatest gift of all and that’s what makes these donors incredible. We see how much joy it gives the recipient.”

l If you are interested in egg donation you can contact the clinic on 0115 8528100.