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A YOUNG girl who might not be with us today but for a liver transplant is appealing to the whole of Grantham to help save lives.

Natasha Howlett, 12, was fighting for her life as a two-year-old baby, desperately in need of an operation that would ultimately give her a chance at life.

Her parents have recalled this week the harrowing moment when their pride and joy was taken to the operating theatre, poorly, jaundiced but fighting.

Thanks to the selflessness of an organ donor, Natasha was given a chance, and 10 years on, she is celebrating her 12th birthday with her family and with her friends at St Hugh’s School.

But true to form, she hardly batted an eyelid to the Journal about herself when we met her. Her first instinct was to think of the welfare of others.

She asked the Journal to urge every member of the community to be a potential miracle, and get a donor card. As our gift to her, we put her wish on the front page.

“If it wasn’t for the donor system, I wouldn’t be alive today. Just think, you could save another little girl or boy’s life. It’s so easy, but not enough people do it.”

So why not give Natasha a little gift for her birthday, and grant her wish by becoming a donor, today!