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COUNCILS are often sitting ducks when it comes to criticism, with authorities up and down the land oft-accused of being tangled up in red tape, bound by nebulous bureaucracy that is incomprehensible to the man on the street. But is it always fair?

Indeed the Journal letters pages are evidence enough that local government is always under the microscope.

But this week a cry for help has come from a leading headteacher, backed by a phalanx of worried parents about road safety - or the lack of it - along Dysart Road.

Isaac Newton Primary School headteacher Stephen Tapley is leading the pleas, with support from mums and dads who are now fearing for the safety, and even the very lives of their young ones.

This surely is a chance for Lincolnshire County Council to move in immediately and show that it cares about one of the principal towns within its remit.

We don’t want to see armies of ‘hi-vis’ numpties counting cars, we don’t want to see starchy jobsworths snooping around wondering if we’re all telling the truth or not – we want OUR county council to trust us when we say there is a serious problem that needs addressing NOW, and do it without a second thought about jumping through the usual hoops - PLEASE, before it’s too late.