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GRANTHAM has some of the best schools in the country – never mind the county – from nurseries and primaries through to senior schools, we’re tough to beat.

Naturally it follows that the youth of Grantham are a well-educated group of people who are ‘brought up’ and nurtured to make positive contributions to society, as and when they’re ready to spread their wings.

Now add to that the amazing work being done by Inspire Plus: a charity launched this week after the Government saw fit to pull the rug of funding from under the feet of the School Sports Partnerships.

Vincent Brittain and Debbie Foote were so incensed by the injustice of said cuts that they started a petition. It went on to gain 660,000 signatures of support.

Inspire Plus has now gained charity status and is looking to schools around the area to get on board, and local businesses to offer support to its pioneering efforts which will help to make Grantham youngsters even more accomplished school-leavers.

Such exciting and innovative schemes don’t come along very often, and this is one which will have knock-on benefits for all of us, from local communities to propspective employers. To get involved in Inspire Plus email: