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THE Journal Children’s Fund re-launches this week, and we’re asking those who feel they could benefit from a helping hand to come forward.

It is important to remember that this worthwhile community cash pot is all YOURS: in fact, its full and proper title ought to be ‘The Grantham Journal Readers’ Children’s Fund’.

Editor James Mitchinson this week makes reference to the fact that this scheme embodies all that is great about Grantham: there is a sense of community spirit amongst the townsfolk that most other towns and cities can only dream of.

Take Charles Short, for example. He clocks up 90 years and probably desreves to treat himself and ‘the wife’, Ada. Instead, his first thought is to hand over his £300 birthday money to the Children’s Fund with the instruction that it should be used to help a young Granthamian who needs it the most.

So if you’re someone, or you know someone who deserves a little help with caring for a ‘little ‘un’, then why not make Charles Short’s 90th birthday wish come true and let us know?

Because Grantham really is great, and together the Journal and its readers CAN make a difference.