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EVERY now and then Grantham stands up, puffs out its chest in pride and declares: ‘Grantham IS great’.

And when those moments come, there is more often than not a tireless Granthamian (or several) in the background beavering away for the good of the town, and its residents.

When these occasions come around, it is down to YOUR Journal to turn the spotlight on them and ask you to acknowledge their efforts.

Take Yorkshire Bank’s Hannah Martin and her team of colleagues who came up with the idea of Red Carpet Day last year. Now, just 12 months on it occupies four pages in the Journal and is a ray of sunshine for children and families across Grantham and beyond.

And perhaps more importantly, it is a fun way to raise funds for Grantham Hospice, whilst telling the whole world about what a great facility it is.

So whether or not your child took part in Red Carpet Day, now is your chance to do your bit.

Why not take a moment out of your day at some point this week to pop into Yorkshire Bank and say thank you to the team, whilst giving them a pat on the back?

And if you can spare a small donation for Grantham Hospice, we’re sure you’d be making their day.