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NEXT week planning officers at South Kesteven District Council will come under the microscope once again, as a wind farm proposal comes before them.

The plan is for a brace of 40m-high turbines on land between Grantham and Carlton Scroop, and SKDC’s salaried officers have recommended they be allowed.

Their recommendation to erect the electricity generators is much to the dismay of scores of residents who live nearby, who feel the turbines will cause more harm than good.

But they’ve been described at nothing but NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard) in letters to the Journal, and by commentators on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and our website. Many are accusing the objectors of having a parochial view of a problem which is in urgent need of action.

And there can be no doubt about it: every county in the land, and indeed, every country in the world must to its bit to address diminishing fossil fuel reserves, and these wind farms are one way of doing just that.

But it’s easy to point and scoff when you’re not the one who recently shelled out your life savings for your dream house in a quiet and peaceful corner of the world, only to be confronted by this plan. It’s a tough call.