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ONCE again the Journal is delighted to be able to declare - Grantham IS great - and back it up with yet another success story.

This week’s shining example of our town’s brilliance is Totemic, which has fought its way into the top 10 of the prestigious Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to work for - coming home in 9th place.

The firm has humble origins and has only been in existence for 20 years, and yet it has rocketed to the top of one of the most respected rankings tables a company can wish to be judged by.

And don’t think it’s simply because the firm is soft on its employees and all touchy-feely. Totemic demands excellence from its staff and pushes them to the limits of their capabilities - but it also rewards them accordingly, safe in the knowledge that they are providing an exemplary service to its customers.

Employing hundreds of Granthamians and almost 1,000 people across Lincolnshire, its financial services arm helps over 100,000 people every year.

Over the years the firm has handed over more than £100,000 to worthy causes, and invested millions in training the people of this town, and beyond. So there you have it: Totemic is proof that Grantham IS Great.