The Rev K. A. C. Brown

The Rev Ken Brown
The Rev Ken Brown
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THE Rev Kenneth Arthur Charles Brown, of Ingoldsby Road, Lenton, has died at home. He was 84.

He was born in Maidstone, Kent, the son of Charles and Eveling Brown, and has a sister, Eileen Dishinton.

The Rev Brown was a retired teacher, having taught at the Charles Read Secondary School, Corby Glen. The Rev Brown worked in the Diocese of Lincoln.

His interests included reading, writing, the arts, Church, choir and visiting the north Norfolk coast.

The funeral service was held at St Peter’s Church, Lenton, conducted by the Rev Ian Walters. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Family mourners included: Eileen Dishington, Fiona Blackwell, Matt Blackwell, Ruth Stevens and John Stevens.

Other mourners included: Malcolm Dawson, Angela Featherstone, Paul Featherstone, Jean Burns-Thomson, Janet and Andrew Vince, David and Marion Ellis, Susan Lanckham, Emma Lanckham, Ann Cook, Anne and Graham Musson, Bob Sheard, Tony Cook, David and Susan Hodgson, Mrs Bullen, Elizabeth Snowden, Tony Clayton, Lisa Grenfell, Mr and Mrs Ward-Barrow, Beryl Simpson, Victoria Smith, Rosemary Storey, Hazel Frow, Sandie Thorpe, Des and Carol Bland, Freda and David Schofield, John Gleeson, Vic and Dorothy Gunnett, Derry Trawford, Susan Tindall, Danny Tindall, Miss D. M. Maroin, Mrs Hemsall, Nigel and Steph Scarborough, Heather Dodds, Kevin Dodds, Matthew Dodds, Claire Dodds, Joyce Smith, Kathleen Johnson, Kenneth Mann, Alan and Barbara Limb, Angela Eldred, Joan and George Meades, Percy Hunt, Louise North, Janet Saunder, Brenda Greatwood, Angel Nicholson, Derry Trawford, Susan Dobney, Peter Dobney, Tom and Paulette Garrill, Stella Elliott, Pat Walters, Joyce Dicken, Ann Warren, Philip Walters, Michael and Christina Thompson, Betty Richardson, John and Muriel Goodacre, Mr Webb, Joyce Neave, Philip Dawson, Andrew Gunnett, Jean Handley, John, Mark and Simon Rowbotham, Jill and Peter Arden, Lady Willoughby, Mike and Rowena Ward-Barrow, Mr and Mrs Thompson, Hazel Latter, Jill Walsingham, Claire and Mark Handley, Rosie Tunnell, Mark and Elaine Grocott, Matthew and Hayley Grocott, and Mr and Mrs Gilbert.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the Charles Read Academy.